Repairs, factory scheduled maintenance and performance tuning for Harley Davidson Motorcycles

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You may remember me from my days as a master PHD technician, and then Service manager at a large metropolitan Authorized Factory Dealer in the Baltimore area for 22 years.  Now, here in Shrewsbury I have my own shop.  Here away from the pressures of a large dealership, I can devote the extra time and effort necessary to produce, not average, but superior quality work on your Harley Davidson - old or new.  Of course I use Factory procedures and parts, but my extensive knowledge of the Harley aftermarket industry allows me to suggest alternate brands where I feel it's appropriate.


While we are equipped to do all Factory Scheduled maintenance such as 5,000 and 10,000 service, what I really love, and am a specialist in is performance tuning.  With our Superflow SF-240 in-house Dyno, there is never any question about the results. You see the increases in torque and rear wheel horsepower right on the Dyno printout.

I am not an assembly line operation, so it's best if you stop in or call to schedule an appointment for work or discuss custom-tailored performance tuning for your bike.

Looking forward to seeing you here in little-old Shrewsbury.