Performance Tuning

Here's where we REALLY shine.  With our in-house Superflow SF 240 Dyno, there is NEVER A DOUBT as to the performance increases you get.  The figures are there, spelled out on the dyno printout.

The general steps I follow are:

1. Discuss with the customer what his goals are in performance increases.  I usually provide a step by step recommendation, along with prices.  Of course, the extent of the tuning is tailored to the customer's budget,  but I often find, a few small changes will result in a great increase in 'snap',  throttle response, drivability, and overall performance. 

2. After we agree on a course of action. I run a benchmark dyno test. This gives us the 'before' figures for rear wheel horsepower and torque. 

3. Then I apply the performance modification(s).  This could be as simple as an air cleaner and muffler change, or it could involve custom head work or internal engine modifications - like a cam change or big-bore kit.  ALL motor work is done by me - no one else touches your bike.

4. After the bike is together, I run a second Dyno test, to verify the results. It's during this session I may dial in some additional final tuning settings to maximize the results. The benchmark test and the new figures are printed together on this printout, so you can see and verify the goals were achieved.   After the Dyno run I road test the bike, and turn it over to the owner. No guesswork, no excuses no B.S. - it's there in black and white.  


Here I am reviewing a Dyno printout with a customer.