Factory Scheduled Maintenance

As a Harley Davidson factory-trained PHD technician,  I am very qualified to do periodic maintenance. But just as important is my long experience with after market products.  When I was campaigning a Pro Modified bike on the AHDRA circuit, I got the opportunity to see many other high quality parts in use.  Often I can suggest an alternative part that is better performing for the specific job, but costs less. 

Generally I prefer Genuine Harley Davidson lubricants, but occasionally will make a substitution where I feel it will improve the bike. 

Many people like Red Line oil, and I stock that too. Some of my customers prefer Bel Ray transmission oil because of it's silky-smooth shifting properties.  Similarly, I use Genuine Factory gaskets and other  parts except where I have direct experience that another part performs better. 


I feature the following:
  • 5,000 Mile Periodic Service
  • 10,000 Mile Periodic Service
  • 25,000 and 50,000 mile inspections too.

I  use a written checklist when performing all factory inspections.  That way I'm sure to catch everything. The customer is provided with a copy of the checklist along with the service order when the job is complete, so that he or she can rest assured that each and every step in the Factory procedure has been followed.

You can be sure I will give your treasured bike the EXTRA care and precision crafted service it deserves.